Saturday, June 27, 2015

Running the Race

I voluntarily had slim and color thrown at me, my child, and husband. 

You see... the shirt says it all; we signed up for our first 5k! 

This was a major goal for me. Over the last two years we have made great strides to living healthier inside and out. We have cut out a significant amount of our meat and dairy intake, started eating about 80% organic, switched to homemade products (like toothpaste, shampoo and dish soap), started growing a bit of our own food, and started working out. All this, not to brag but to be better, for ourselves and child (and God willing, children) and to live by examples to our Darling son.
Never had I thought I would be signing up for a 5k. That's just not me. I'm not, and never was, the "athletic" chick. But when a friend whom I never thought would do a 3.10 mile run told me she was going to do it, it was just the push I needed. an 'ahaa' moment I guess that pushed me to want to do more, better.
So I signed us up.

Did we run it? no. We mostly walked it and jogged about one mile. I know personally I could have ran at least some of it and/or jogged more of it, but I wanted to do it with my family. This was for us not me.
It was about letting Button run a fourth of a mile (which he totally did) and walk most of it with us. It was about seeing his face light up as we went under "color tunnels". It was about  watching my man carry that darling boy on his shoulders across the finish line and showing him though example that healthy doesn't equal stress or sacrifice but joyfulness and blessings.

At the end of the day yes, he was tired and ready for a nap.

But, he talked about it for a week later and asked for "colors" every night.
Often, I have found, that the hardest trials we go though, if we push though them instead of giving in or giving up, become the most rewarding.

Maybe next time we will go even further... or at least faster but for now, I am just so happy to say we have done this; that I had the endurance, not to just do a 5k, but to pace myself for my family... so we could do it together. That is a whole other 5k all of its own!

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Country Living fair

What an adventure! Have you ever heard of the magazine called 'Country Living'? It's kind of a big deal for this county-at-heart chick. Anyways, about three years ago I saw an add in their magazine promoting the 'Country Living fair' I was all like "what?! no way! I.MUST.GO" well... that year I got pregnant. Long story short, three years later and that dream was just no longer financially possible and the idea of a road trip with a baby made me want to pull my hair out.
Well folks, it happened! This year it happened! I wish I had more dough to burn but all in all, it was everything I wanted it to be and more and next year, God willing, I will save more to spend and bring a trailer :P.  Here's a little snippet of our country living fair road trip!

 of course my beautiful mother joined us.

and here is what we brought home.

 this is a project. One I hope to put lots of love into. It is a vintage, queen size quilt.... one side. My mother is going to help me stitch it the "proper" way a quilt is stitched. Since it was not a finished product, I got it for $40! Most vintage finished quilts go for $100, on the cheap side and NEVER this large for that cheap! This was a steal for sure and I feel like, in a way, I get to bring back the love that someone once put into the and never had the time to finish. It is not perfect, it has one small ink blot on a corner of it but I love that about it.

The other thing I got was a vintage apron.

Something about putting on an apron each morning gets me motivated. I feel like, in a way, its my uniform and helps me get going.
So that is a little tid bit from our fun road trip. 

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Try the World{ a box at a time}

A few weeks ago we got a box in the mail.

It wasn't that big of a box but it felt and looks "shinny" and exciting... so we opened it up!
Inside was a little taste of a once unknown county (to us); and an abundance of bright orange confetti.

We began our trip with a verbal tour through Marrakesh. Venturing forward with a home cooked Marrakesh meal of Kefta breaded, fried sardines atop couscous and tajini and of course, green tea, we danced our way though the kitchen buzzing with Moroccan music and sensual smells.

Over dinner I found I was quite fond of sardines and we read and discuses the traditional Marrakesh poem which was given by our "tour guide".

As the night ended Darling and I found ourselves snuggled up watching 'Casablanca' and nibbling away on sweet orange cookies

Thank you 'Try the World' for the "trip" and bringing the fire I once had for travel back in my heart and for the adventurous date.

disclaimer: I was in no way payed, bribed, or given products to try for this company. I spent my OWN money to try this product out and created this review only because I like to share information and great products I like. This company has NO IDEA I wrote this. I feel product reviews are more honest this way.
if you are interested in the product you can find out more at Try the Worlds website.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

A Day of Play

Some days we just need to play.

We had one of those days not to long ago when the cherry trees were just starting to green and the blossoms were falling all around.

This was one of those rare time when Darling was willing to take hold of the camera and capture a few sweet moments with me and my darling son.

I can not even put into words how beautiful these photos are to me. Yes, they both have their flaws but there is just something so special about being able to see me with my Button in my arms.

Of course, frolicking threw the fields was also a must of such a sunny spring day full of play and fun; but one can never forget to stop and smell the flowers.

When our play was done it was time to go home, hand in hand; like father like son. But the memories will last forever.

It is the small, playful, simple days like these that are so often over looked. Thank goodness I remembered to stop and take it in as I so frequently forget to do. thank goodness I had this time to share with them, to capture days where all we do is play in the fresh sunshine and breath in the floral fragrant filled air.

Monday, April 13, 2015

Cotton Candy and Ice cream

This weekend was so memorable. Since we are counting the months until we save enough to move, our time we get to spend with family that lives near by is so precious to us. So when my parents suggested to come up and see the cherry blossoms at the capital with us, of course we had to say yes!

Most of the blossoms were still white but we did manage to spot about four really nice pink ones! They remind me of big fluffy balls of cotton candy on a stick. They are Gods cotton candy and they make me so warm inside.

After walking around the tidal basin we made our way to the Thomas Jefferson memorial...

with Button leading the way!

Of course "Masa" wasn't far behind, since, after all, she's his best friend. 

After our long walk it was time to sit down and relax; so "Masa and Babu" treated us all to ice cream! 

And I mean all of us. ha

It was definitely one of those days you just want to slow down, capture, and never let go of. We are truly honored to be a part of such a beautiful world full of people who love us so dearly and earnestly.

Monday, March 16, 2015

Making It Work

Spring is finally in the air here and even though we only have a balcony now, we are totally taking advantage of every inch of that baby!
Here is a little peak into what we have going on out there. (please excuse the ugly tubs... we are going to be setting them into a built in bench we have yet to get to).

1. tomatoes
2. cucumber
3. celery
4. bell pepper
5. cabbage
and in the right corner we have a tulip... because, why not.

6. radish
next to the radish are green beans I forgot to lable
7. tulip
8. black berries

9. thyme
10. basil
11. more cabbage
12. lettuce
13. collard
14. swiss chard (rainbow)

15. cilantro
16. rosemary
17. sage
18. parsley
19. tarragon

then we have two hanging baskets. This one has spinach in it.

and this one has more lettuce

There is also two railing planters with flowers and strawberries in them (which are already starting to make fruit!).
Inside I have carrots, chives, and onions that are sprouting before we transplant them into another pot. As things get bigger we might have to do some transplanting and moving around with them as they grow. Luckily, a lot of the herbs are from last year so I know they will do fine in those pots... for now; same with my blackberries and flowers in the railing planters (minus the strawberries I added in) .

Once more of the out door space is cleaned up and put together more I will have to show it off again; especially since I just got two chairs similar to this, which run $19 a pop at Ikea, I got for FREE.... by (not in) our dumpster!

So there you have it... how we are making apartment living work and not giving up on our homesteading dreams. I see a whole lot of pickle and jam making in the near future!

What have you all been up to now that the weather is starting to warm up?

Thursday, February 12, 2015

A Sweet Treat

Someone is deeply, deeply loved.
and when I say someone, I mean everyone in the Blanton house hold. My mother-in-law sent use a little sweet care package.
Button (and mommy) were so excited to dig into these.... even before "daddy" got home. ha.

He is just so well behaved. he wasn't sure if he was allowed to just take one or not.

After mommy gave the "okay" it was game on! He picked out the perfect one and dug right in!

Look at that chocolate face.  But of course that wasn't it.

She also sent an amazing amount of stickers! Because this kid is obsess with anything with an engine and anything that is a sticker. ha.
So that is what we are doing this valentines day week, playing with stickers and eating WAY to much chocolate all at once. (yeah... between the three of us they didn't have a changes.... they are indeed gone... already *cue the sad orchestra music*).
what are you guys doing this holiday? any date nights? kid projects?